Driving License in Ireland – How To Get Started
A few steps to get your first driving license in Ireland.

To obtain a driving license in Ireland, category “B”, you must pass theoretical and practical exam.
We can take the theory exam all over Ireland. You can book it at www.theorytest.ie You can book the exam online or by calling 18900 606 106.
All study materials (books, CD, etc.) can be purchased in person at larger bookstores such as Eason, at www.theorytest.ie or www.easons.com

Learning materials in Polish can be downloaded from our website – Irish Driving License Tests in Polish – DTT Polska Wersja and Irish Road Traffic Regulations in Polish.

We will pay 45 € for the exam with Visa, Master or Debit Card. We will receive confirmation by email.
We can cancel the exam or postpone it, please remember to do it immediately, no longer than 5 working days before the actual date of the exam, otherwise we will lose the fee irretrievably.
Exam materials are available in every bookstore (the latest 9th edition – price 17.99 €).
You must take your PSC – Public Services Card with you to the exam (we recommend you arrive 10 minutes before the start).

When passing the exam, you do not need to know English, you can use the help of a teacher. After clicking the question or answer in the headphones, you will hear the Polish voice of the teacher.
However, you must remember to check the Exam Voicover Language box in the application process on the Driver Theory Test website, select Polish.
The practical part of the theory test consists of questions from the rules of the road.
Before starting the exam, the examiner will familiarize us with the rules of the test and check the validity of the documents, then we will have the opportunity to take a mock test.
The proper test consists of 40 questions. Each has 4 answers. Only one can be correct. In order to pass, you need to correctly answer 35 questions. You have 40 minutes for everything. We can make 5 mistakes.
We can finish the test before the time expires. After the test is completed, the examiner will check the result.
If the test is positive, you will receive a certificate of passing the exam. The certificate is valid for two years.
After passing the theory test, you can proceed to step two.

If you want to start learning to drive in Ireland, you must obtain a provisional driving license (Learner Permit). To be able to do this, you should first go to an eye test. We take the Eyesight Report Form to the ophthalmologist. After visiting the doctor, we go to the Nationa Driving License Service by making an appointment at www.ndls.ie

The documents that we take with us are the eye test certificate, the theoretical exam certificate, the completed Lerner Permit application and the PSC – Public Services Card. The fee at the office is 35 €. The document will be sent to your address. The Learner Permit is valid for two years. We wait about 2 weeks for the document. However, if something goes wrong for various reasons, after two years we can apply for a second Learner Permit without having to re-pass the theoretical exam.
After obtaining and obtaining a “learner permit”, you can proceed to the next step.

From April 4, 2011, there is a 12-hour EDT (Essential Driving Training) with a qualified ADI (Approve Driving Instructor). During the training, each instructor is required to record the lessons in the booklet (Logbook). At the beginning of each driving lesson, the instructor should check the validity of your driving license.

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Participation 12 hours training does not always guarantee solid preparation for safe road traffic. It depends on several factors, including whether: the person is a beginner, or already has experience in driving, the age of the test taker (older people often need more driving lessons), and individual predispositions. In addition, to be able to take the practical exam, a minimum of six months must elapse from the date of issuing the “learner permit”. If you are at this stage, check our prices.
If all the conditions are met, we can proceed to the next step.

You can book your driving test in Ireland on the MyRoadSafety website

We fill out the application form (date of birth, training permit number, pps number). Payment is made by credit card or at the post office by check or money order (Postal Order). The fee charged is € 85. After booking, we will receive a confirmation email. We can cancel the exam or reschedule it twice free of charge up to 10 days before the scheduled date of the exam.
The practical driving test takes place in a vehicle marked with the letter L on the front and rear. The examiner will call the applicant’s name in the center waiting area. Then we will be asked to present a valid Lerner Permit and sign the relevant documents (declaration that the vehicle is insured and has a current technical inspection). The duration of the exam is about 40 minutes.

The practical exam consists of several parts:

Part 1: (Qestions from Rules of The Road) At the test center, the examiner will ask up to 8 questions about knowledge of traffic rules, and up to 10 questions about knowledge of road signs and hand signals.
Before taking Part 2 of the test, the examiner will check the validity of our three drives: insurance, inspection, and road tax. If any of the disks are invalid, the test will be aborted. This means that you have not passed the exam and you must retake the exam.

Part 2: (Technical Check) Check the technical condition of basic vehicle components: tires, operation of external vehicle lights: direction indicators, stop lights, sound signal operation. Opening the bonet (Check under the bonet).
The examiner should indicate where and with what instruments are checked: engine oil level, washer fluid level, brake fluid level, coolant level,

Part 3: (Secondary Control) Questions inside the car. The examined person should indicate the basic instruments to switch on: all lights, wipers, washers, air conditioning, windscreen and rear window evaporation. Demonstration of the seat, mirrors, headrests and seat belts fastening, checking that the vehicle doors are closed.

Part 4: City driving with the examiner. It is carried out on public roads and tests the ability to behave safely in road traffic. Important aspects to be taken into account: position, observation, use of mirrors, indicators, reaction to threats, overtaking at a safe distance, driving dynamics, obeying the signs of lights and lines, giving way, using driving devices such as clutch, brake, throttle, steering and gears .
If you pass the exam, you will get a Certificate of Competency. Which is valid for two years. We fill out the D401 (Full Driving License Application Form) and then go to the NDLS. We can book an appointment online.

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If you get a negative result, you fail the exam, you will get an examination card with your mistakes and oral comment. This will allow you and your instructor to work on and focus on those aspects of driving that were most difficult for you and eliminate them entirely.