Do you want to get a Driving License in Ireland for categories C, CE, D?

Or maybe you need information on Driver CPC?

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How to get a C, CE, D Driving License in Ireland and Driver CPC?


To apply for a category C driving license, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a full category B Driving License (it can be Polish). For people who do not have a Driver CPC, the minimum age before taking the C Driving License is 21.

When applying for a CE category driving license, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a full category C Driving License. For people who do not have a qualification certificate (Driver CPC), the minimum age before taking the CE Driving License is 21 years. For a Category D Driving License, a person must be at least 21 years of age and have a full Category B driving license.

For those who do not have a Driver CPC, the minimum age before attempting a D Driving License is 24 years. Provisional Driving License – Learner Permit Getting driving licence’s category C, CE or D you need to buy a test book or CD – learn them and set a date for the theory exam for which you have to pay 72 euro for categories C or D, for combined test C and D it will be 84 euros. You can book the theory test online at by completing and mailing the “Aplication for a Driver Theory Test” or by calling 189 0606 106 (waiting time for the exam is approximately 3 weeks). It is best to come to the exam 15 minutes before the scheduled test time. You must take with you Irish or Polish driving license category B, Learner Permit category C, CE or D, or full licence category C, CE or D. NOTE! Also bring your PSC (Public Services Card) to the exam!

From the entire database of questions, the computer will randomly choose 100 questions for categories C, CE or D, of which you must answer correctly at least 74. You have 100 minutes for everything. When you pass the combined test, you have 140 minutes for it, where the computer randomly selects 140 questions from the entire database of questions (149 pages of the question base), of which 104 questions must be answered correctly to pass your theory test.  Each student who makes a solid effort to study the tests, after passing the exam, will receive the Theory Test Certyficate, which is valid for 2 years. However, when we pass the test, try to go to the doctor as soon as possible with the “Medical Report Form”, so that he can do a test. We have to pay about 50 euro for this service. However, remember not to do the tests earlier than before the theoretical test was passed, because it is important for a month, therefore, from the moment of visiting the doctor, we have less than a month to go to the NDLS with him (www.ndls .ie)

After passing the theoretical exam We take to the NDLS the completed D-201 form (which you can get for free at the Motor Tax Office, RSA Center or NDLS), Theory Test Certyficate (which you will get after passing the theoretical exam), the doctor’s form D-501 and the PSC card. We submit all these documents at the NDLS office desk (list of NDLS centers available at and pay the Learner Permit fee of EUR 35. In 10 working days, your “temporary green driving license”, i.e. Learner Permit, which is valid for two years (however, if we have not passed the practical exam for these 2 years, we can apply without the need to re-pass the Second Learner Permit theory examination, which is valid for the next two years).

Prices Category C

10 hours of lessons, truck for the exam + 1 hour of warm-up – 840 euros

2 hours of lessons 150 euro Truck rental for the exam 190 euros

Our C-category truck is the Daf LF 310 FA Weight: 18 tons, height 3.7m, length 9.6m, width 2.55m.

Prices Category C + E

10 hours of lessons, truck for the exam + 1 hour of warm-up – 940 euros

2 hours of lessons 160 euro Renting a truck for the exam 240 euros

Our C + E truck is a Daf LF 310 FA plus a two-axle trailer. Weight: 26 tons, height 3.7m, length 18.2m, width 2.55m.


CPC driving test (on the day of the driving test) 50 euros

CPC driving test (on a day other than the driving test) 70 euros