Driving lessons with automatic gearbox

The automat is not only a solution for novice drivers. Such a driving license was also created for all people who have health problems and, for various reasons, cannot drive a car with a manual gearbox.

Driving license and exam in Dublin

The pass rate for the automatic gearbox driving test is clearly higher than for the classic B test test. All because of much less stress. The most terrifying thing for novice drivers behind the wheel is that the car will go out when starting uphill, at an intersection or when entering traffic. Often this fear is paralyzing and leads to simple mistakes during the exam. There is no question of starting problems with the automatic gearbox.

Category B with automatic gearbox

The biggest disadvantage of such a driving license is of course the aforementioned restriction – our licenses allow us to drive only cars with automatic transmissions. Most of the time it will not be a problem for the driver, after all, his own car has such a gearbox. A problem may arise when, for example, someone asks us to pick up another car with a manual transmission. The code “78” restriction in your driving license can also be an obstacle when looking for a job. For many employers, information about a category B driving license without restrictions in the CV is a great asset for the candidate.

Driving license, category B automatic

The category B driving license course with automatic transmission and passing the state examination entitles you to drive: a motor vehicle with a GVW up to 3.5 tons, except for a bus and a motorcycle, but only with an automatic transmission. With a category B driving license, you can also tow a light trailer (up to 750 kg), as well as drive vehicles for the driving license for the AM category (i.e. moped and quad).